After some drama in 2007, Typecell demanded his T-FREE-3EP008 tunes be taken off the server and seriously denied that the release had ever taken place (despite facts).

The tunes have been released under a by-nc-nd creative common license, like all T-tunes on FREE, and are therefore legally free to be re-distributed on all kinds of channels by everybody and their grandmother. Naturally this includes the label which released the tunes under the creative commons license in the first place, T-FREE.

Nonetheless the mp3s have been taken off this server to avoid silly legal quarrels.

Needless to say, the tunes still are still (and probably will always be) available as 320 kbps mp3s elsewhere on the internet - and rightfully so.

You could simply download them from here, here, here, here, here, here, here....
You could google the release or the single tunes, search for them on Soulseek, p2p (and bittorrent) networks, whatever - discover what "the internet does not forget" really means.