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Germany's Tilt Empire drops another slab of refined tech related dnb with this, their eighth release. Budoka's 'Ritual' uses tight live drums, a sitar melody and slices of contorted reese mids to create a serious, forward moving track that will add dimension to a harder set or tech-up a deeper one. Flip over for the premium damage of Spinor's 'Monoch'. This militant piece of techno wizardry hits hard and doesn't stop with its big bass, nasty keys and oblivion vibe, making this another solid 12" from Tilt Recordings that will please DJ's and punters alike. Go tilt your head in the right direction.
(ATM (by Lucas Buck, still unedited version) 2008-01)

Fat sound, a good cutting indeed... Thorugh it's just drum & bass (with zero easy trick like samples or even worse), digging for dancefloor. Not mutch more. Fair enough !
(Toolbox-Newslist 2008-01-11)

Mit der neuen 12” steht wohl das bisher erfolgreichste Tilt-Release vor der Tür. Auf der A-Seite finden wir den von der Szene schon sehnsüchtig erwarteten holländischen Moloch, der wohl die Perfektion in Sachen monoton, treibendem Tekkno-DNB darstellt. Kaum ein weiterer Spinor Tune hat für so viel Aufregung gesorgt wie dieser. Die B-Seite bildet das Tilt-Wunderkind Budoka, der für dreckigsten Neurofunk im Stile der Virus-Ära steht. Ritual ist der bisherige Schaffenshöhepunkt des süddeutschen Buben.
(Headliner (by Lawless) 2008)

Germany's finest Techno Drum'n'Bass-imprint Tilt Recordings delivers quality again with its cat.no. 008 featuring Spinor's "Moloch" and Budoka's "Ritual" on the flip. "Moloch" was making waves in the so-called Techno Drum'n'Bass-scene way before it was released and one easily recognizes why. Hectic, ultra-percussive beats alongside dark athmospheres, some quirky, acidic midrange arrangements plus a hoover'esque Techno-sound dropping in here and there that is well known from the early 90s Hardcore/Gabba-scene are causing mayhem on the floor and work peaktime crowds well. "Ritual" on the flip fuses Neurofunk with some middle eastern- / oriental-samples which might sound weird at first but is as fresh as fresh can be and for sure a nice and unheard variation within the realms of Drum'n'Bass. U need this.
(nitestylez.de (by baze.djunkiii) 2008-08-18) --> http://www.nitestylez.de/2008/08/spinor-moloch-budoka-ritual-tilt.html